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About Us

UC Educations, in-sync with thrust of the 21st century, is specialized in American and Chinese education services.  UC Educations, with its affiliates and partners, offer resources to enhance this process.  With an office in Beijing, Washington DC, Pittsburg, and Sacramento, over 80 agencies across China and USA, UC Educations is networked in all locations to facilitate matching Chinese students with schools in the USA. 

UC Educations and its Chinese partners have placed over 500 Chinese students in American schools.  Non-public, private or denominational high schools are particularly attractive because of their college prep programs, safety and an environment promoting Christian values of respect and tolerance. UC Educations is a limited liability company in McLean, VA, and follows NASFA’s Code of Ethics.  UC Educations Beijing Company is licensed as an education agency in China.

UC Educations is also a US company, we help to bring jobs to local communities, increase school enrollment, and facilitate diversity to schools and American communities.


What do we do:


Assists Student By

 Placing Chinese students in an American high school

 Enhancing the adjustment of Chinese students

 Promoting cultural understanding

 Encouraging   mutual educational exchanges


Assists American High Schools By

 Establishing home stay contacts.

 Arranging ESL .

 Obtaining and maintaining I-20 status.

 Marketing the school to Chinese students, and agencies.

 Facilitating educational understanding.

 Providing interactions to permit growth in tolerance and communication.



Promotes American Education Opportunities By

 Organizing bi-annual China School Recruitment Tour for American schools.

 Attending bi-annual China International Education Fair to promote American schools.

 Promoting American schools on website and in printed materials to Chinese agencies, parents, and students.

 Aligning efforts of institutions and organizations for mutual benefit.



Assists International Schools in China By

 Processing faculty and school administrator placements for International Schools in China.

Coordinating academic program and course setup for International Schools in China.

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