Interested attending US high schools? Here are what you can do:

Identify studentís Needs and Goals

Offer free advice and suitable school list upon their needs

Assist student and family to select school and reach an agreement

Advise client application procedure and collect application documents

Making Paper Application Documents

Submit and Track Application

Obtain a letter Admission and select homestay

Visa Application Preparation and Interview Training

Submit Visa Application

Obtain Visa and Pre-Departure

Go Abroad


How to prepare for USA high schools:

 Prepare TOFEL/SSAT or any other related prep test as early as possible. Some high ranked US high schools require good scores of TOFEL or SSAT for international students

 Talk to our staff during the training for potential questions during the interview and other interview tips

 Stay calm during the phone interview or SKYPE interview (do not cheat, they will know it if you have help)

 Once accepted by school, make appointment for visa as soon as possible

 Talk to our staff before you book your flight, so we can make sure you will be picked up once you arrive in US and your host family is ready to welcome you.

 All other tips will be covered by our welcome letter.

 We look forward seeing you here in USA!


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