UC Educations has comprehensive ranges of services, all related US and China education:


1-    Consulting on choosing American high schools

2-    Offering options for Chinese high school and college students in America

3-    Earning an American high school diploma while in China

4-    Exploring summer study tours in America

5-    Sharing shadow experiences of elementary or secondary students

6-    Enrolling qualified American families to become homestays

7-    Placing Chinese students in American host families

8-    Providing guidance on selecting post-secondary programs, colleges and universities

9-    Provide services and assistance to Chinese students during their during their stay in America

10-  Monitor Chinese studentsí study and life, communicate with schools, host parents and studentsí parents

11-   Sponsoring professional and business visitations to America

12-  Placing American professionals in Chinese schools

13-† Aligning opportunities with Chinese professionals in America

14-† Promoting selected American educational institutions in China

15- Facilitating professional and business tours of China

16- Coordinating partnerships among Chinese and American organizations and institutions

17- Eliciting understanding between Chinese and American entities

18- Representing American schools at education fairs in China

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